Upcoming gigs(fall)


16.9. – Rockeriada – Kaos, Maribor (SLO)
6.10. –
Channel Zero, Ljubljana(SLO)
7.10. –
Baza, Ajdovščina(SLO)
– 10. O’rock festival, Oroslavlje

Demofest finals

We played on Demofest, Banja Luka finals in front of almost 5000 people.
It was an amaizing experience to play on a such big stage in such fierce competition where we were one of 30 band’s that got selected to play from almost 500 applicants from former Yugoslavia region.

Upcoming gigs(summer)


21.07. – Demofest, Tvrđava Kastel, Banja Luka (BIH)
01.08. –
Pozoj, Čakovec
05.08. –
Jailhouse Festival, Lepoglava
13.08. –
Kaštelanske rock večeri, Kaštel Lukšić
24.08. –
Pickup Music festival, Karlovac

Upcoming gigs(April, May)

30.04.2016 – Inkubator – Circus, Split
3.5.2016 – Zasviraj s Žujom, Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb
11.5.016 – Inkubator, O’Hara, Split
14.5.2016 – HGF – Regenerator, Zabok
21.5.2016 – Zapruđe uživo, Zagreb

Gigs in March

Untitled-126.2.2016 – Spunk, Zagreb
5.3.2016 – Elephant bar, Varaždin w/ Wind Stain, John Doe
12.3.2016 – 22000 milja, Zagreb
18.3.2016 – Baza 2, Ivanec
19.3.2016 – MC Miners, Sveta Marija w/ John Doe
23.3.2016 – Judino  Drvo, Split

E.V.I.L. II is out!


Our EP E.V.I.L. II is now available!

You can download the EP in mp3 or in  wav

E.V.I.L. II is the second part of the E.V.I.L. album, with the first part being released in December 2014. The EP “E.V.I.L. II” contains 5 songs, telling a story about group of people living in the time of 2 superstates (Nations) having to decide to which of the two superstates they belong (Right or wrong). Then hard times come and people start to lose hope(Consolation), the planet is engulfed in a world war and two superstates use nuclear weapons to destroy each other (End times). But in the end after all destruction, survivors start to rebuild the world they once lived in and hope that this time everything would be different (Hope).

Recording was done by Petar Horvat in studio in Pušćine and mixing was done by Ferenc Fábián. The EP was co-produced by Petar Horvat, Matej Obadić and Media Stres.